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On a roll: 7.4.2011

Holy crap, it's been almost a month since the last post here. I've had a combination of computer woes, vacations and day job shenanigans slow things down a bit. The last two weeks have had a low yield of postables, too. Here's what I got.

There's more news of literary types getting into science fiction. Salman Rushdie has got a new TV series in the works. Zadie Smith claims she will be turning toward science fiction and fantasy in her future work.

In weird-world news, here is a look at what Disney's Haunted Mansion could've been. Kinda reminds me of the Jodorowsky Dune project. DeviantArt has a mash-up of Star Wars and Middle-Earth that is surprisingly cool. Sometime when I wasn't paying attention, the Del Toro At The Mountains of Madness got canned. Here's a pretty decent visualization of the short story. Speaking of Lovecraftian, Innsmouth Free Press has an interview with Steven Gilberts on their site. Steven is a good example of a great artist paired with good books for the small press.

Author Daryl Gregory has some things to say about anti-horror, and says some pretty cool things about regular old horror along the way.

Something to consider and inspire; the oldest religious structure (?), a tour of World War 1 memorials.

Finally, I should say that I come to Cthulu by way of Kaiju. Gojira is nothing if not an old one, in my opinion. Anyway, there's a new comic book series which is amping up fans and believers once again. Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters. They've got a tsunami benefit book which collects all the variant covers.

As far as personal stats: "Elect" has been bounced twice, "The Reaches" has bounced once, and Mongrel is being retooled. I've got a short script in the works and Shogun Partners have taken out spec script to the market. I'm also developing a book trailer for Arcadian Park.