a zoo in hell


On a roll: 6.6.2011

Summer's finally creeping into the northern wastes, and I'm chasing a few deadlines, so this week's edition is a little short, but not of content. I'm also starting a new series of regular film posts called "Shot/Countershot" which should go up sometime this week. My film posts are the most popular thing here, so I'm excited to get this one up and running.

Clive Barker is many things, but most fans might not realize he has a body of non-fiction work too. Here's a review of, The Painter, the Creature and the Father of Lies',   a new collection of these illuminations. There's another text which probes into the mind of a great fantasist, Philip K. Dick, The Penultimate Truth, this is a film viewable all over the web and is highly recommended.

Lev Grossman has entered the genre/mainstream fray with a short recap of an earlier essay. Tor's got a blog which chronicles genre writing in the mainstream. The most recent post considers Kurt Vonnegut.
 John Banville has been awarded the 2011 Franz Kafka Prize. He's get a series of detective novels that poke at the absurd.

Have you seen Midnight in Paris? Discuss.