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The Happy House (2013)

The Happy House (2013)

I watched three movies yesterday; Dallas Buyers Club, Before Midnight and The Happy House. So, maybe this movie really suffers in comparison, but I can't think of anything to say to recommend this film. It's a horror-comedy that is neither horrifying or funny. One could say is it is horrible. There are so many clever films that did what The Happy House thought it was doing. Watch one of those instead.

The film is technically competent, if unimaginative, despite some bizarre choices in shot composition and editing. The acting is fine, but unconvincing, a problem which probably has more to do with the creative choices made above-the-line. Some more development time might have made this an interesting film, but as released it offers evidence for those that say there are too many indie films being shot, bought and released to the public.

IMDb Rating: 2