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The Burning Girl - One Step Beyond (1959)

Caught this episode while making my way through old episodes of this Twilight Zone contemporary. There's come cool stuff so far in the first season, though it is a little heavy on the psychic phenomena. As usual with shows like this, there are plenty of early performances by actors who would become stars in the sixties and seventies, but interesting to see the use of "Believe it or Not!" on a few the shows.

So far, I think "The Burning Girl" is the most intriguing. As you can see, the story and plot shadows Carrie in many ways, although Stephen King's version is more adult and contemporary. However, the basic conflict is the same -- a overbearing religious mother and a misunderstood teen girl with pyrokinesis. I am not saying the King lifted this for his book, but since this show is supposedly based on real events, perhaps they were both inspired by the same "factual" account.