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7 Scary Things #2 - Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

One of the pleasures of classic rock and oldies is that the music can be enjoyed with an ear totally removed from the era of it's creation. Some music sounds stale, some terribly dated, and some is so laden with nostalgia that's its hard to imagine how it ever rocked. Yet, there are a few bands which can retain some of the mystery and energy that was first bottled in the past.

Despite the load of rock and roll cliches', the stadium overindulgence, and the Wayne's World Stairway to Heaven, much of Led Zeppelin's discography is still plenty spooky if enjoyed away from a roaring crowd and the comfort of friends. Both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant had a serious hobby in the occult and something in the way, something, makes this interest far beyond the tropes that they inspired in hundreds of metal bands and fans.

So, turn the lights down, put a vinyl copy of Led Zeppelin IV on the turntable and listen closely as the sound bounces around the walls of whatever little room you are in. Somewhere behind the wall of harmony and discord you might hear something else, a hint of a sound that only suggests some idiot flute.

Robert and Jimmy went to the crossroads and brought something back with them.