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The Aggression Scale (2012)

I picked up The Aggression Scale (2012) because the blurbs from what I consider reputable sources. In general, it lives up to the "murderous Home Alone" moniker that follows it around. Even though much of the violence occurs outside of the house itself, Owen's (Ryan Hartwig) ability to devise clever ways to deal with his attackers is interesting in a psychotic Macgyver sort-of-way.

From beginning-to-end it is no real surprise what is going to happen. The only actual point of suspense is what will become Owen's teenage sister-in-law Lauren (Fabianne Therese), as it's not clear if she will live or die. Closer to grindhouse than sincere horror, the film will amuse shocker fans and action fans alike, but doesn't deliver too much to distinguish itself from other similar movies in style, tone or plot.