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Weird Tales, Warren Ellis and Military Science-Fiction

So, I suppose the big news is the changes in the masthead of Weird Tales. I don't have a particular opinion myself, but there's no shortage of other opinions out there. Warren Ellis is apprehensive.  Jason Sanford is less reserved in expressing his concerns. Personally, Cthulu is pretty hot right now, so I can't fault someone for wanting to follow that trend, but I can doubt if it is a good idea or at least a laudable pursuit.

Chuck Wendig does it again. This time about social media.

I enjoyed what T.C. McCarthy has to say about "Military SF". I have many military themes in my own SF work, and I have to shout out an amen to his emphasis on experience versus technical details.

Another round in the great ebook debate. Timothy Geigner thinks it will hurt authors in the long run.


So, these little posts aren't meant in anyway to be some breaking news service. I read all the up-to-the-minute posts that other sites do much better. My goal is to distill the ones that have a bearing on my own work or the aesthetics which I pursue. Partly this serves as an exercise for my own writing, but it also serves as a guide to discovering the obscure niches of my reader.

In other news, expect Arcadian Park as a serialized ebook in the very near future!