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George R.R. Martin, Cronenberg and The Dukes of Hazzard

SFGateway is collecting an archive of classic pulp stories.

Dave McGinn has a little bit of an asinine review of Another Earth. He claims it's not science fiction because it has some substance. Nick Mamatas has some much more smart things to say about Heinlein. J.G. Ballard's relics are on display in England, Chris Hall gets a close-up look.

John H. Stevens sounds off on the history of "genre" and what it all means, if anything. At the New York Times, David Orr takes a long look at Game of Thrones in print and screen. I doubt I'll ever read the books, but I have gotten sucked into the show. It's like Battlestar Galactica with horses.

Chuck Wendig has another entry in his writing advice. "25 Ways to Make Exposition Your Bitch" has a few things I had never thought of. I hope he teaches writing somewhere, his "voice" could be a welcome antidote to MFA-itis. Sarah Avery is a writing teacher, and explains why she assigns the worst story "ever written" to her students.

Epic cool or epic fail is yet to be seen, but it looks real good on paper. Cronenberg is shooting a Jonathan Lethem book.

Fascinating and wonderful, in an unexpected way. Joe Nickell explains how his research for Skeptical Inquirer led him to see a pattern of mythology building at work. I still believe in Bigfoot and LGMs.

How to really, really not look like a spy.

Dukes of Hazzard was a Star Wars ripoff.