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On a roll: 5.8.2011

Try as it might, or pretend as it might, science fiction is always deeply connected to the present and the current. Consideration of the future is usually a projection of the current possibilities. This exhibit at the British Library might illustrate this.

China Mieville has some things to say about world-building. I can't say I agree completely, but they are all good things to consider. The BBC has a cool archive of old television interviews with some big literary names, genre or otherwise. Through the aid of modern technology, Tintin has been inserted into some famous movies.

Some other things of interest; Albert Brooks has written a dystopic novel, here is a cool essay about Shostakovich's complicated relationship with the Soviets. I mention it because it offers a nice glimpse into how art can interact with authoritarian systems and subvert them simultaneously. A review of the Spider-Man musical "Turn Off the Dark" has some good things to say about story structure, whether it for stage or print. Paranormal activity in Iran? This article about sorcery in Iran has gotten a lot of press in the last few days, but it's still interesting to me. Another popular item has been the stealth helicopter that the SEALs used in the Osama mission. This article, or thread of articles, posits that the same modified MH-60 helicopter may have used the new "cloaking" technology that has been mentioned in many "mainstream" outlets. (Although, I am reminded of how the speculative concept art for the first stealth fighter looked almost nothing like the actual plane.)

Here's a rendition of "All Along the Watchtower" that BSG fans may enjoy.


In my own news, I think I've given "Elect" a final and comprehensive face-lift. The best thing about writing is that if something is bugging you or just isn't working, it is very easy to just re-do it and try another approach. I took a hard look at the story and just got rid of the things I knew weren't working. I am pretty happy with where it is at now. I sent it out the door for consideration, we'll see where it finds a home.

Beginning work on the new novel, considering follow-up shorts to Arcadian Park.