a zoo in hell



Hellnotes has a review of Stephen Mark Rainey's collection The Gaki & Other Hungry Spirits. I've not read this collection, but I've been a fan of his writing for as long as I've been aware of the small press. This is a super deluxe special edition, unfortunately, it is marred by some cover art which is all too typical in these kinds of efforts.

Margaret Atwood has some smart things to say about e-books and the future of publishing.

The Stoker nominations are out.

Genevieve Valentine has a smart, short essay which finds connections between Winter's Bone and archtypical fairy tales. Someone said to me that the film reminded him of a Coen Brothers movie, and I have to wonder if it is because of the same loyalty to classic storytelling.

Here's an interview with T.C. Boyle about writing in general and his new novel in particular. Someday they are going to be adapting his stories to film like they are doing with P.K. Dick now.

A blogger who operates the Cthuluchick blog has assembled the most common words used in Lovecraft's fiction. She's also got a link for the complete works as an e-book for download.