a zoo in hell


I have no idea.

Anyway, "Mongrel" has grown legs and shambled out the door to throw itself at the mercy of the short fiction fates. I trimmed 1000 or so words from it and gave it another edit, so it's pretty well ready to go. I'm fond of it, expect great things from it, sooner or later.

I've gathered my list for the next batch of agents. This biggest disadvantage, for both of us probably, is that I have no idea who these people are. I read their credits, their preferences and the biography, but it doesn't tell me anything about their personality.

Made good progress with a writing team on a new screenplay. We got some good character work in, and opened a few plot doors in the process. Perfect. Also starting work on my anthology screenplay, something which I may produce myself.

I've also taken another look at "Elect". Going to make a few changes to that and send it out for another round of submissions. I've gotten some great feedback, and I am narrowing down what it can be and what it can't be.

Yes, I am expecting to throw in a submission to Zombie Kong. Mostly because I am sick to death of hearing about fucking zombies. I figure I might as well dance on the genre's grave in the hopes that it might stay dead.