a zoo in hell



I feel like I've finally set it down. What started as a story became a book. What was a book became a world, a universe and a mind-boggling set of forking paths. I've thought about reworking the entire book so it is a trilogy rather than one single tome. But today, for the first time, I can really, really say it is done.  The story is over and complete.

I feel lighter. Perhaps joy, but certainly satisfaction and completion. I've gone through every sentence, every word for over 430 pages of this book. All the threads are connected and everything I want resolved has been resolved. Mystery must remain, but that which is mysterious has been heightened for clarity, and not confusion.

Tonight, I can't imagine going back to this world again. This book will have revision and changes, but it will be what it is going forward. In some ways, my work as a creator is done, and now it is a matter of editorial work and refinement.

Ten years ago I would have sworn that I would never write a book or want to write a book. Now, I feel there is no way I couldn't have written this book .