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UK Spy Drones

This is something I've been running into quite a bit with the novel revisions. I am having to update the tech more and more as time goes on, mostly because I've set the world as a recognizable near future. This news story mirrors two aspects of the book, domestic aerial surveillance, and the actual design of the drones.

The picture you see here is a stealthy drone used in military operations, not yet "officially" in civilian airspace. This does look a lot like the craft used by "Internal Bright" in my novel, but nothing at all  like the spy drones I use in my book. Of course, the really crazy thing is that my novel draws on many aspects of paranoid and Fortean lore. Namely, mysterious "black triangles" which are seen as UFO sightings in all kinds of airspace.

Anyway, it doesn't do too much damage to the story I think. Maybe if it ever gets made into a movie, the production designer might want to spiff up the aircraft design a little, but "Internal Bright" are not drones, and the craft are much more than glorified (obsolete) stealth fighters.