a zoo in hell


Kathio Landmark Trail 09

Kathio Landmark Trail 09

(for Missy)

Birch have it the most interesting

At the least, they curl like sheaves

Eager to receive tattoos of meaning

Woodpeckers prefer the fallen

Pecking typewriter codes through

Lined rows, player skin, dotted punch card calls

After decay and wherewithal

Bark falls in waves, unkempt reams

Wait to be spooled or burned to air

A trail means look ahead or down

Hedged back, emeraled olive

Forest hides by the side in shade and gobo

Beside the pruned and tall oaks

Are broad tentacled spiders

Monsters of wood which dance mute across decades

There are others who bloom with fungus

As they rise through the canopy

Span across the straight trail - unseen beneath

Landmarks and posts mark clearings now

History landscaped and sodded

While memory pantomimes in brush

These designs are the forest’s life

Written in twist, bloom, and shade

All is preserved and hidden

We are not the trails in the light

We are the spindly sapling

And the coiled green protector that guides

All the eager branches up

All the solemn roots under

As tree rings echo with the acorns drop.