a zoo in hell




crushing her lips are
inflamed red she pushes
on top of me
I can see dual skyscrapers
blue and yellow
jealously overlook the left
strap of her night black

black panties black jeans
moon silvered river seen
behind the slope of her
flaring right nipple
straps fall away criminal in the night
maybe maybe we can't make it home
teased toward the woods shadow

wine vodka smoke and lies
I rose up into you
one leg bruising into the 
splintered park staircase
climb each other like rungs
til we tumble fall fall
salty ruin at each other's

red-eyed headache and dan rather
disaster alert explosion collapse
I knew you weren't to stay
until the burning rays of dawn
not quite a stand but
an in and out strike

I call about the news
raspy smokey wine and lies
    until this happens again
you say
    there is nothing for us
    to remember.