a zoo in hell


to infinity and before

I am completely and totally a writer who is at his most creative, or at least thinks he is at his most creative, while I am struggling through the strains of physical illness. The gift this time around was an exhibition bout with a middleweight strain of food poisoning. Gods be praised.

So there I was in the waiting room this morning, and bam, out of nowhere, I get an image of one of my supporting protagonists in a location which he wasn't supposed to be at until the end of the story. That's it! Three plot hiccups solved in one nausea induced moment! Rock on. Should work. Very happy.

The long work-related drive back through Iowa with Missy on the edge of vomiting inspired a few world-building things too, but I don't really need her to be sick to get inspired. 


I've also been toying about writing a tv script or short fiction piece which gets to Star Trek territory by way of Jodorowsky, Lynch and Del Toro. Some seriously f'ed-up "planet of the week" thing which would out-seventy-the-seventies. Now, I am no fan of Star Trek (give me a "lived in" universe like Star Wars, Bladerunner or even Firefly any day)or it's imitators and spin-offs, so I don't know what else like this may be out there. The more I think about it...  


I dreamt about creating a wikipedia entry for "Schwa Dome". Just you wait, it may happen.