a zoo in hell



So, caught 800 Words tonight. I was really impressed, both by the play and by the resonances this depiction of PKD's life and work has. I suppose it is hopelessly pretentious to say, but, I felt like the man presented in this show was dangerously close to myself in some ways. Certainly we share some similar obsessions. It makes me wonder whether I am attracted to his work because I am psychologically predisposed to, or whether my interest in his work has been so rapt that I have somehow "downloaded" his psychology into my own.


In other news, I have much character work to do on the book. We'll call it Wonderland Park for now, but that is not going to be the title when all is said and done. Some folks say I should have a picnic with my big bad antagonist, but after seeing the play tonight I wonder if I wouldn't be better off acting my character so some extent. I might wind up using the "interview the character" game to get some stuff cooking. Anyway, more to the point, it is sort of sad that some of the most evil things I could want my antagonist to have are already matters of historical record and almost cliche.


I have come to treasure the time I spend writing more and more. Regardless of the market forces, it will always be pure freedom and time spent in true independence.